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Webinar Wednesdays is the largest premium webinar series in the multifamily industry, helping you gain the skills to improve your performance and advance in your career! Through this program, you get access to innovative ideas, best practices, and emerging trends from a variety of topics, including customer service, leasing and marketing, resident retention, career advancement, leadership techniques, and other property management skills to become a superstar at your company!

Webinar Wednesday, FREE to members of the WVAA! Now, what are you waiting for, become a member today!

How do you get access to the webinars? Simply send us an email to [email protected]  to register for the FREE webinar, you will then be sent a link from the Multifamily Insiders allowing you access to the webinar.

By partnering with Multifamily Insiders, we are able to bring you access to Webinar Wednesday, the largest premium live webinar series in the industry, providing our West Virginia Apartment Association members access to industry thought leaders to discuss innovative ideas, best practices and emerging industry trends. These live webinars will give participants the tools they need to become industry superstars in their own right, and are designed to impact revenue and profitability at your apartment communities.

The webinars cover industry trends and timely topics that benefit both on and offsite staff.

**You must be a member of the WVAA to access webinars at no charge**








Valerie M Sargent 1/25/23 Reinventing Your Employee Retention Efforts
Lisa Russell 2/08/23 Fighting Fraud Takes a Team!
Marci French 2/15/23 Inclusive Leadership for Authentic Employees
Barbara Savona 3/08/23 Hands On Social Media Workshop – Creating a Content Strategy

Tammy Longo,

Donje Putnam

3/22/23 The Research Obsessed Renter: Do you know what they know?
Angel Davila 3/29/23 Mastering Maintenance: Appliances, Multimeters, & Electrical DIY, Oh My
Anne Sadovsky 4/12/23 Fair Housing Keys to Preventing a Lawsuit
Chester Santos 4/26/23 Instant Memory Training for Property Management and Sales Success
Mary Herrold 5/03/23 Put your CLOSE on!

Michelle Wood,

David Alvarado

5/10/23 Mastering Maintenance: I Know How to Fix That AC But How Do I Lead Them?
Lisa Trosien 5/24/23 60 Ideas in 60 Minutes
Katie Rigsby 6/21/23 Finding Motivation in the Mundane: How to Avoid Burnout & Stay Motivated
Brett Murphy 6/28/23 Prepare Your TEAM: Responding to Internet Leads

Debbie Phillips,

Pete Eliadis,

Mike Weller

7/12/23 Not If, but When… Creating an Active Threat Response Plan
Alexandra Jackiw 7/19/23 Preparing the Annual Property Budget
Naushad Ramoly 8/09/23 Know your product! Using Design Thinking to Sell a Resident Experience
Mark Cukro 8/16/23 Mastering Maintenance:Building a Regimen for Maintenance Excellence
Doug Chasick 8/30/23 Fair Housing Ain’t Fair – It’s Equal, 2023 Edition

Lori Agudo,

Joelis Barandica-Rodriguez

9/13/23 Mitigating Conflict In Your Workplace by Building a Culture of Peace
Kristi Fickert 9/20/23 Help! There’s Math in Marketing and it Mystifies Me
Latrice Leake 10/04/23 Silence Your Inner Critic & Defeat Self-Sabotaging Behaviors to Achieve the Life You Deserve!
Adrian Danila 10/11/23 Mastering Maintenance: The Value of Collaboration and Cross Training Between Community Managers and Service Managers
Terry Jackson 10/25/23 Real Go Getters Don’t just set Goals, They Act!
Stephanie Graves 11/08/23 Humanity in the Workspace – Why, Where, When, How?
Carroll VanHook-Weaver 11/15/23 Building Brand Loyalty Through Customer Experience and Technology
Lia Nichole Smith 12/06/23 Reputation Management: Outdated and Outnumbered
Stephanie Puryear Helling 12/13/23 Lead the Change, Don’t Let It Lead You


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