The Education Committee is in charge of scheduling a variety of programs for the WVAA’s general membership meetings. Their primary goal is to secure informative, engaging speakers who will present subjects that appeal to a wide range of members.  The Committee also provides timely seminars on industry-related topics. These topics include legal issues, marketing, leasing, environmental issues, risk management, fair housing, and more.

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is responsible for creating and planning awards, such as the Best of Living Awards, Maintenance Mania, etc. Be creative! This celebratory, energizing gala recognizes apartment communities, companies, and individuals who have gone above and beyond for the success of the industry.  Manage nominations for all categories, Choose a theme for the event, and secure venue and entertainment

Legislative Affairs/PAC Committee

The Legislative Affairs/PAC Committee is in charge of monitoring legislation and code issues that could affect the multifamily housing industry at the local, state, and national levels. This committee works in conjunction with the Government Affairs departments at the National Apartment Association (NAA).


The Membership Committee is responsible for the recruitment and retention of members and supports membership activities that promote the benefits of membership.


This committee creates an annual series of topics and speakers that promotes the goodwill of smaller rental owners. These topics tackle concerns and issues that independent rental owners have that are unique to them.

Maintenance Committee

The Maintenance Committee to provide a forum for maintenance technicians. It strives to take the lead in developing education training sessions that are related to maintenance technicians’ job duties. The committee also provides SEFAA members with up-to-date well-timed seminars on industry-related topics, which are supplemental to the content of NAAEI designation courses.  Offer events that will bring the maintenance professional community together.  Offer certification programs and educational events that will assist in career growth.  Build new sources of communication to reach the maintenance professional’s community.


This committee is responsible for planning and scheduling association fundraising events and activities.

Supplier Partner Committee (SPC)

The Supplier Partner Committee is responsible for the recruitment and retention of supplier members and supports membership activities that promote the benefits of membership. The SPC serves the needs of the Supplier Partner members of the association. Members of the SPC suggest innovative ideas to increase business communication and sales among members.

Marketing & Social Media Committee

The Marketing & Social Media Committee dedicates itself to providing relevant and impactful content that relates to the multi-family industry. They strive to keep members informed with all current topics, trends, and industry opportunities.  Educate members about our opportunities to stay connected and encourage them to follow us.  Brainstorm on new promotional strategies, marketing ideas, and ways to spread the word about WVAA.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for overseeing and coordinating all matters relating to the WVAA website.  The committee identifies and determines the best content to be posted on WVAA social media sites, as well as, the appearance and content on the WVAA website.

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